Un Autre rapport à la terre has been imagined by a Franco-German collective founded by Vina Hiridjee, Emilie Langlade and Sarah Maske.

Vina Hiridjee

is a director, producer and journalist. After 15 years of scientific (France 2) and cultural (Arte, TV5) reporting around the world, Vina now lives between France and Germany. A specialist in international issues related to sustainable agriculture, she is the initiator of the web series “Le sens de la terre,” which links Provence and the Uckermark region in Germany. With the creation of the Festival “Un Autre rapport à la terre” (“Another relationship with the Earth”), she wishes to promote a fertile sharing of cross-know-how between France and Germany.

Emilie Langlade

is a popular science journalist for the Xenius program broadcast on Arte, a conference moderator, and the author of “Climate Solutions Explained, Episode one: The Exponential Roadmap” for We don’t have time. A specialist of Franco-German, she is engaged in ecofeminist citizen initiatives in Berlin and in her spare time participates in a permaculture and experimental self-sufficiency project.

Sarah Maske

is a Berlin-based curator and art historian. Maske’s work focuses on ecologically immersive and participatory artistic experiences. She holds a certificate in Permaculture Design and utilizes the permacultural approach in artistic projects. She is also the co-founder of Grüner Kultur, near Berlin, which hosts workshops and gardening days and strives to bring the areas closer togeth